Mitel Unified Communication
Mitel BluStar™ 8000i Desktop Media Phone

The Mitel BluStar™ 8000i Desktop Media Phone is a powerful desktop video conferencing and collaboration tool that is designed to enhance the way you communicate and collaborate. Offering true HD video conferencing, the Mitel BluStar 8000i uses the latest in video and communications technology to enable a natural high quality video experience....more

Ericsson LG - Small Office

The Ericsson-LG ipLDK-60 combines an innovative, flexible architecture with the latest in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and advanced applications to offer a new type of communication platform to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Designed to support Analog, Digital and IP Phones...more

Ericsson LG - WDM PON
The Ethernet Access Service Terminal

The Ethernet Access Service Terminal 1100 is the OLT for the Ericsson- LG Ethernet access 1100 solution. The EAST 1100 is a 19-inch wide, 10U high rack mount shelf. The shelf consists of 11 slots: 2 slots for Switch & Network Interface cards, 8 slots for PON Interface cards or other service...more

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